The testimonials below were written by actual patients that Dr Rob Davies has treated and are available for inspection upon request.

“Thank you for my perfect smile!” Miss Wales 2009

“Thank you for my perfect smile!” Miss Wales 2009

“For Miss Wales I needed beautiful white teeth.
I knew there was only one man to see, The Smile Dentist.
Thank you Dr. Rob for giving me that perfect smile!”
Lucy Whitehouse Winner of Miss Wales 2009

“Its given me so much confidence!”<br />
Miss Wales 2007”

“Its given me so much confidence!”
Miss Wales 2007”

“My new smile has completely revolutionised my modelling career. Before, I was always self concious and never smiled naturally. It has given me so much confidence and I want to say a big thank you to The Smile Dentist.”

Kelly Pesticcio Winner of Miss Wales 2007

“I was devastated following a simple accident where I had tripped and fallen smashing my front teeth and knocking one out. I had played rugby for 20 years wearing a gum shield to protect my teeth. I knew I had to find a top cosmetic dentist to fix my smile so I contacted Dr Davies practice to tell them what I had done. He spoke with me personally and he told me “Don’t worry I will sort it out”.I turned up at his practice where I received a friendly welcome from him and his staff which put me totally at ease. For anyone worried about visiting the dentist, don’t worry about visiting this one. I really didn’t feel a thing. Dr Rob did exactly what he said he would do, “sorted it” as you can see from my pictures.”

Sion – Bridgend

“I would just like to thank Rob for the amazing work on my teeth.”

“Unfortunately, a crippling fear of the dentist left me with less than amazing teeth. I researched cosmetic dentists for over 6 months and kept coming back to The Smile Dentist every time. The amount of work and effort Rob put in was second to none. I genuinely feel like Rob has taken amazing care and attention to give me the perfect smile. I’ve totally conquered my fear of the dentist all thanks to Rob and his amazing team. I can’t possibly thank him enough and am already recommending The Smile Dentist to my friends. Once again thank you.” Rhiannon – Swansea

“A previous dentist informed me that because I had so many missing teeth I would have to spend the rest of my life with a large gap or wear a denture. Shortly after I was lucky enough to find you and you proved to me that nothing is impossible. Indeed the work you carried out was quite superb.”
Angela – Swansea
“It’s been several months since my last treatment. Once again you have done the impossible and have helped me tremendously. I shall always be grateful. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t feel so good about my smile. It is surprising how having the required amount of teeth and in the correct shape improves somebody’s confidence, but I am sure you must know that already. Thank you once again for being an amazing dentist.” Angela -Swansea

“I just want to say a huge thank you for giving me a fantastic smile!I have for years wanted to have my teeth transformed. I was always covering my mouth when I laughed and when I would see photos of myself it just made me so depressed to look at my teeth, so I always tried not to smile if I knew a photo was to be taken !

I finally plucked up the courage being a nervous patient it was a huge step for me. You were fantastic, you put me at ease and it was not painful at all, as you are a very gentle Dentist, unlike others I know and just wish I’d had it done years ago ! I ‘m now the one in the front row for any photos being taken with a huge smile!!

This has changed my life not only a new smile which is such an amazing transformation but it has given me renewed confidence which is worth every penny !

Thank you so much I’m just so delighted and can’t stop smiling!” Denise – Cardiff

“Thank you for my new smile, and thank you more making my treatment absolutely painless. I can now smile with my teeth showing when having my photo taken, something I have never done.”Nicola – Bridgend

“Best thing I have ever done in my life. I have had the confidence to get a new job, I don’t hide in photos anymore, in fact I am first in line. Well worth every penny.” Ceri – Bridgend
“I am just writing to thank you for giving me a beautiful new smile.” Catherine – Llanelli
“I now have the confidence to smile again. I want to thank you for your fantastic work.”
Mark – Bridgend
“The amazing work you have done on my teeth has literally changed my life”
Andrea – Pembroke
“Thank you for the excellent treatment you have given me. I am very pleased with my new veneers.” Patricia – Ton Pentre